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This month is absolutely crazy. By far the busiest month academic-wise for me. Lots of tests, papers due, presentations, etc. April is also the last full month of school! I can’t wait!! With the nice weather finally arriving, I have to be outside! It’s the worst feeling all couped up in a class when it’s so sunny and nice out.

I just can’t believe that my sophomore year of college is coming to an end. It seems like this year went by so fast. Next year I’ll be a junior!! I can’t even think about that right now, haha. I’m just so pumped for Summer to begin because that means beach, sun, family, friends, working, and just relaxing. Can’t waitttttt.

So this past weekend a few of my friends and I went to Baltimore, MD to see the Body Worlds exhibit. It was at the Franklin Institute a while back, but we never got a chance to see it. And we figured a mini-road trip would be pretty fun. Basically the Body Worlds exhibit is a bunch of bodies that have been put on display, showing all parts of the body, from the nervous system to the funny bone. But the thing is.. they’re real. People donate their bodies to science and then they are embalmed and plasticized so it can still be real. It was pretty interesting and fascinating. But.. you couldn’t take any pics 😦 But I do have some of the inner harbor! It was a great time.

Me, Ashley, and Erin excavating at the Maryland Science Center


The 3 of us looking out at the harbor in Baltimore 🙂

inner harbor


Easter was also great with the fam. It’s nice to go home once and a while, even if it is only a 1/2 hour away. I love when my family gets together at any holiday or for any party. Here are also some pics from Easter!

easter easter easter

easter easter

I love my family! 


And finally, I just wanted to post some pics on here from the Denver, CO trip.  March Madness was craziness this year!!  We found out Selection Sunday that we were going to Denver..and then the next day we found out we were flying out the following morning!  It was the furthest West I’ve ever been…and the first time I’ve been in the Rocky Mountains!!  And let me just tell you… they were beautiful.  And it was harder to breathe there due to the higher elevation, haha.  But anyway, here are some pics: 

Up in the air…

City of Denver

The Rocky Mountains!!

Me in the Rockies 🙂

Colorado license plate..which I thought would be a cool picture


Go TU!!!

And that is all the updating I have for now!  It’s the weekend, the weather is beautiful, and I’m about to go play softball with a bunch of friends outside.  

Until next time — 



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