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So the results from Homecoming:  we lost the football game against Western Michigan, BUT..  Steve won Homecoming King and the Welcome Center won Best Display of Temple Pride for the decorations!!  So even though we lost the game, we still won elsewhere!! Woo hoo!!! 🙂  And on Sunday, we had a band competition in Allentown.  Every year, Allentown hosts the Collegiate Band Festival and Temple goes every other year.  Despite the rainy weather, the show was still great!  It was a good time.

Nothing else is really new.  Still getting killed with homework and papers.  My Aunt Sheila is arriving in Philly tonight and she is staying with my mom for the next week at home. She lives in Kythera, Greece with her husband and they’re visiting over here for a while.  I’m so excited to see her again!!  And I’m even more excited that I’m visiting her at her home in Greece once I’m done my program in Paris!!  Woot!  Other than that, not much else is going on… so I shall write more when I’ve got more!  



Homecoming Pageant in Mitten Hall 


The Homecoming King at the Linc right after halftime! 


Our certificate for winning Best Display of Temple Pride! 


That’s me in the front row all the way to the left at the Allentown show.  Taken from the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

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I think the title says it best.  This is Homecoming week here for Temple.  One of my favorite times every year.  There are all kinds of events every day of the week.  For example, tomorrow Main Campus Program Board is coming around to judge all the offices of Temple that decorated their rooms with Temple stuff.  We decorated the Welcome Center today and it is looking pretty good!!  I’ll post pics at the end.  Then the week finishes with our football game on Saturday at 2pm at Lincoln Financial Field.  We’re playing Western Michigan so I’m hoping we’ll win (although DiMichele is out now..).  

Anyway, it’s a very exciting time, and one of my good friends, Steve, is running for Homecoming King!!  He already made the court and the voting starts tomorrow.  I’m really hoping he gets it!!  It will be a close race, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 

Besides that, I’ve been so busy with classes.  I’m getting slammed with a lot of reading and tests/quizzes.  Tomorrow I have my first Spanish test, and I’m pretty nervous about it!  Lots of studyin’ to do.  I’m gonna go start on that now, haha.  More later!! Peace.



The Welcome Center all decorated for Homecoming 2008!


The doors of the presentation room in the Welcome Center


T for Temple U! 


Uploaded from my cell phone in class. Steve Smith for Homecoming King! 


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I apologize for the lack of updates recently!  I can’t even begin to tell you how busy I’ve been with school, work, band, football games, homework, and trying to have some fun!!

Last weekend was pretty rough losing to UCONN.  I’m over it now, but poor calls were definitely made and justice was definitely NOT served..not to mention Hurricane Hanna drenched everyone, haha.  But anyway, Ashley’s friend Denise, who goes to University of Delaware, came up for the weekend so that was a lot of fun.  We hung out all weekend with our friends and by Sunday the weather was much better.  Ashley, Denise, and I went down to Center City because my phone had water damage from the game, and Ash’s phone has just been acting up.  So we fixed that problem at the Verizon store and then walked around to Love Park, the new Comcast building (which is BEAUTIFUL btw), played with the dominoes and SORRY! pieces, and actually walked home all the way from City Hall to Temple.  We’ve never done that before.. and it only took about half an hour.. and it was such a nice day outside so we al enjoyed ourselves.  

This past weekend was a TON of fun since it was Ashley’s 20th Birthday, on September 11th.  A lot of us went out on Thursday night and had a great time!!  Friday night Erin, Ashley, and I went down to Wilmington to watch Ashley’s brother’s football game.  He goes to Salesianum School and they were playing William Penn.  Sallies won, even though they weren’t favored to.  It’s always a lot of fun to watch them and eat at the tailgate afterward.  Then Saturday Ashley’s mom was having a family party for her birthday at her house.  Ashley thought it was only family and family friends.. but Greg, Erin, Bryan, and I drove down to her house to surprise her, along with one of Ashley’s high school friends, Gina.  Ash was really surprised!!!  So overall, it was definitely a good weekend. 

Right now though I have to go do some homework.  Boo.  So more updates later on!!




The new Comcast Center building! 


Inside the Comcast Center building.  Do you see how CLEAR that picture of the Philly skyline is?!  That is a screen!!  When it’s not showing pictures, it shows the image of the wall below it, so it looks like there is no screen there at all.  Coolest thing.


Love Park fountain with City Hall in the background.  I love Philly. 


Ashley, Denise, and Me in Love Park


Ashley and Me with the SORRY! pieces by City Hall 


View of the Comcast Center Building 

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So today was the 2nd day of classes for Fall Semester 2008.  And it was a crazy one!!  Every year during the first week of classes (aka Welcome Week) they have one particular event at the Bell Tower, called Taste of Philly, which is always very popular!!  Basically, you get a free taste of Philly.  For instance, your Philly soft pretzel, tastykake, cheesesteak, hoagie, water ice, etc.  This year, they pretty much had it all: all the aforementioned, PLUS cookies, chicken wings, spring rolls, jamaican pierogies (?), ice cream, tons of tastykakes, and finally, free bottled water.  It was GREAT!!  Who doesn’t love free food during lunchtime?!?  

Besides that, I’m just starting to get back in the swing of things with classes, work, band, football games, and trying to relax and enjoy the college life 🙂  So far, so good.. but then again, I am SURE it will get much busier once the semester is in full force.  But I love being busy so it’s all good!  

Wellp, I’ve actually got reading and some homework to get done for tomorrow.  So I’m gonna post some pics and go on my way.  

PS – I AM LIVING IN THE 12TH ARRONDISSEMENT IN PARIS, SPRING 2009!!!  I just found out the student apartment location that I’m living in when I study abroad in just a few months!!  For those of you that don’t know, Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements, or districts, that divide up the city.  I am PRETTY excited!  

PPS – Saw Pineapple Express over Labor Day weekend.. and it was HI-LARIOUS!  Anyone that hasn’t seen it yet, MUST.  I am a HUGE Seth Rogen fan, btw. 

Alrighty, here are the pics from today!  Campus was PACKED! … exactly how i like it 🙂


All I did was hold my camera above my head and take a picture of this craziness!


Another view of Taste of Philly at the Bell Tower on Temple’s Main Campus 🙂


The grassy area across from the Bell Tower.  All the red and white tents had free food under them… so it was pretty packed!


Ashley, Bryan, Mike, and Me outside of Paley Library grabbing some awesome free food 🙂


More to come soon!!


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