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GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all for now.

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October = breast cancer awareness month and lots of craziness.  Lots to do, lots to do.  I have a Spanish test Friday, a political philosophy paper due Friday, Spanish composition and French paper due Monday, and another French paper due next Wednesday.  Needless to say, I’ve got a LOT of work.  

In other areas, the Presidential/VP debates have been pretty interesting.  I try to keep myself up to date here and there.  If I have time to watch tv, it’s usually that or Grey’s Anatomy, haha.  Temple’s Breast Cancer Awareness game is on Tuesday, October 21st and it’s at night.  8pm.  Kinda weird, but it’s going to be live on ESPN, which I am VERY excited about!  

So this past weekend I went to University of Delaware to visit Denise, who is one of Ashley’s best friends from high school.  It was a lot of fun.  We also went to Six Flags Great Adventures in Jackson, NJ, and went on so many different rides.  For example, Nitro (2x), Medusa, Batman (2x), Skull Mountain, Great American Scream Machine, and The Dark Knight coaster.  My favorite one was DEFINITELY Kingda Ka.  We only waited an hour and a half, and sat in the FRONT row!!  In 3 second, you go from 0 to 128mph.  It was AWESOME!  By far, one of the most thrilling things I’ve done.  You feel your cheeks and skin being pulled back.  It’s the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the world!!  And it lasts only about 20 seconds. Best 20 seconds ever though.  

Sunday was my Mom’s birthday, so I went home for that along with Ashley.  We also picked up one of my best friends from high school, Jayme, to join us.  I ordered everyone a cheesesteak from Jim’s and bought a Carvel ice cream cake.  Everything was delicious and turned out really well!!  A good amount of family showed up.  Plus, my Aunt Sheila and Uncle Peter were still staying with us from Greece so I got to hang out with them.  Afterward, a few of us saw Burn After Reading, the new Coen brothers film. Definitely very good.  It was very funny and interesting.  I liked it a lot.  

That’s about it for now – I need to go get started on my massive amount of homework. 



A picture of Kingda Ka that I found online. YES, it’s THAT tall.


Ashley, Denise, and Me in the FRONT row on Kingda Ka.  This is the one picture we all actually bought.  Can you take my face seriously??  It doesn’t look like me.  I’m pretty sure it looks like I’m about to die, haha.  That’s what 128mph does to me apparently! 


Denise, Ashley, and Me on Nitro


Denise, Ashley, and Me on The Great American Scream Machine


Mom’s Carvel ice cream cake! 


Me & Mom 🙂


Aunt Sheila and Uncle Peter (who speaks not one word of English..)


My cousin Brooke and her boyfriend Mike


Mom-Mom, Aunt Renée, Me, Mom.  Love them! 


Ashley, Me, Jayme celebrating my Mom’s bday! 


Aunt Sheila, Travis, Uncle Peter, Mom, Me in the living room 🙂 And no, my brother didn’t wet his pants.  He just did the dishes, haha.


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