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This was this past weekend’s halftime show at the Temple vs. Eastern Michigan game, which we actually WON!!  Woo!!  We did a Michael Jackson themed show.  We played Dancing Machine, I Want You Back, Smooth Criminal, and ended with Thriller!!  CHECK OUT THE THRILLER DANCE!!!!  Yeah Diamond Band!!

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I definitely wasn’t planning on taking that long of a break!  Everything has been SO BUSY this whole past month.  Seriously.  It’s going to be hard for me to put it into words.  My life has been crazy.  It’s the only way to describe it.  

I don’t know where to start.. so the Phils won!  Most amazing thing ever.  I stormed City Hall 2 or 3 times in 2 weeks.  Halloween was AWESOME!!  My friends and I dressed as the Scooby Doo gang.  I was Velma Dinkley 🙂  And OBAMA won!!!!!  Both Temple and Philly have been crazy these past 2 weeks.  I’ve never been so happy to go to Temple and be in Philly during this once in a lifetime experience.  I LOVE PHILLY!!!

I should hopefully be writing more soon.  Until then, I’ll try to update with pictures!



S. Broad St..right around Broad and Locust.  It was CRAZINESS!!!  Tons of rioting.  Loved it, though.



Phillies Ticker-Tape Parade!!  We caught them going up Spring Garden St. right before they were going to kick off the parade.  



Another shot of the Phils during the parade


Citizen’s Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field.  The arena was PACKED with tons of people.  My friends and I walked all the way from Broad and Cecil B. Moore (in North Philly) to the stadiums.  





From the left..Alex aka Flounder, Steve, Me, and Ashley in our Scooby Doo costumes for Halloween 🙂  And yes..that’s a wig! 

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