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Today is my last day of work (until June), so it’s kind of a bittersweet day.  I’ll certainly miss everyone here.  But some of us are going out to Aromatic tonight in Old City to hang out and wish me farewell!!  I’m pretty excited about that.  And I got a new haircut!!  I decided I needed a change before France…and I went dark!  So far, it seems like everyone really likes it 🙂

new haircut!

new haircut!

I had my Bon Voyage party on Sunday, which turned out to be really nice.  Almost all of my family and friends came and said bye.  However — I completely forgot to take pictures on my camera!! I’m so upset!!  So I don’t really have any pics to post right now, but I should have some tonight when we go to Aromatic.

Everyone keeps asking me the same questions about leaving for France:  “Are you excited!!??  Are you nervous!??”  And the answer is YES!!!  I am SO excited to leave the country for a few months and be on my own experience new things and meet new people.  I’m sure I’ll be a little nervous at first, but I think my nervousness takes a back seat to how excited I am for my trip!!!

I’ll try to update once more before I arrive à Paris!  Au revoir 🙂

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WOOO!!!  The Eagles won on Sunday and beat the NY Giants!!!  Here we come NFC Championship!!! I am so excited for next Sunday’s game against the Cardinals!!!

This weekend was a lot of fun.  Friday night after work I hung out with one of my best friends from high school, Kari.  She is 1 year younger than me and goes to Penn State Main and plays in the Blue Band there.  She just recently returned from Omaha, Nebraska since she played at the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship (which they won) and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California (which they lost).  So we decided to see a movie and then catch up afterward.  We saw Bride Wars at a Regal nearby my house and then went to Starbucks afterward for some coffee.  The movie and the coffee were good 🙂  It’s always nice catching up with friends every now and then because everyone is always so busy!!  The next morning, I got up early with my mom and mom-mom to see Gran Torino at the AMC by my house (the one that I worked at for over 2 years).  AMC offers all their movies for $5 every Saturday morning at 10am so it’s definitely a good deal.  Let me just say….Gran Torino was hands down one of THE best movies I have ever seen.  Clint Eastwood was outstanding of course.  I was laughing every other line but some parts were sad.  But overall, I really enjoyed it and want to see it again in theaters because it was that good.  After that, I went home and got ready to go to my friend from high school Liz’s daughter’s 4th birthday party.  Wow, tongue twister much?!  Her name is Leah and she is just adorable.  We watched her open presents, sang Happy Birthday to her, and watched her blow out all her candles on her Kung Fu Panda birthday cake.  It was all too cute.  Saturday night I just hung out at home and finished reading The Last Lecture, which was really good.  I definitely recommend reading it.  Then on Sunday, I had some friends over and we all watched the game with my mom.  Then after we won, we played Cranium and Balderdash and ordered some Chinese food.  Good times all around!!  Love me some Chinese 🙂

Other than that, not much else is going on.  My roommate and best friend, Ashley, is currently in Barcelona, Spain studying abroad.  She just got there on the 10th and I’m already missing her a lot.  She is all settled into her new apt. and is having a great time.  Check out her blog if you’re interested!!  She’s posting some really great pics.  Her blog is on my blogroll, too!

More updates later!!


Kari and Me at her house hanging out


Leah blowing out her birthday candles!!

templet125th Anniversary of Temple!  I was driving home and saw the Temple ‘T’ on the Cira Center at 30th St. Station!

Leah and Me in our Eagles gear!!!!

Ben, Dan, and Chris in the back.  Liz, Me, Leah, Jayme, and Jim in the front!  GO BIRDS!

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Soo I’m all moved out of my apt… but still looking for a 2nd person to take over my lease.  I’m so happy that Fall semester is over!!!  I got very good grades…I even made Dean’s List this semester, and it’s been the busiest one by far!!  Woot!

I’m counting down the days til I go to Paris.  Just a little over 3 weeks and I’ll be arriving in my new Parisian apt 🙂  I’ve just been getting things ready, buying some convenience things, etc.  Other than that, I’ve just been working, hanging out at home, and hanging out with my friends from home and at Temple.  Ashley leaves for Spain on Friday!!!  I can’t believe it’s already here.  Wow.

2009 is going to be a good year.  How can it not be?  Kicking it off with a semester in Paris and a vacation afterward in Greece?!

Here’s a picture of the apt. I’ll be living in when I go to Paris!


22 Rue Lamblardie 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for now!! More updates soon to come.


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