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MY LIFE HAS BEEN CRAZY!!  This is definitely finals week for sure.

 I only have 2 finals, one on Thursday and one on Friday, but let me just tell you what else I have to do… Yesterday, I had my final French paper due in my 4000 level class, which was 5 pages long!  I think that was the longest French paper I’ve ever written.  Today, by midnight, I have my final 8-10 page Political Philosophy paper due.  Did I mention I haven’t started that one yet?? Ha.  And on top of that, that professor also assigned 2 reaction papers due by Saturday at noon!  Ridiculous!!  Who do they think I am?! Then I have to study for my American Supreme Court final tomorrow then study for my Spanish final on Friday.  So OFFICIALLY…I am done Fall 2008 semester this Saturday at noon, haha.  Life = crazy right now.

On top of that, I’m trying to find someone to take over my lease so I can move out asap since I’m leaving February 4th for Paris!!!!  A few people have seen the room already, but I’m awaiting a final decision.  And on top of that, I still haven’t bought my Christmas presents for people which I have to do on Friday.  I don’t think I can get any busier.  Really.  But it’s ok.. I like being busy rather then bored.  

In other news, a bunch of my friends and I just went ice skating at the RiverRink in Penn’s Landing.  I had been there once before, but it was so nice going again when I’m much older!!  And also, Temple Men’s Basketball had the best upset ever!!  I think it was the best game I have been to at the Liacouras Center thus far.  Temple played #8 in the nation, Tennessee, and we PWNED!  And although I couldn’t storm the court afterward since I’m in basketball band, I did manage to take a picture on my phone so I’ll upload that on here.  And most importantly, I WENT TO MY FIRST EAGLES GAME AND FIRST FLYERS GAME!!!  My first Eagles game was on Monday for Monday Night Football!!! WOO!  And we won against the Cleveland Browns 30-10!!  It was amazing.  And just last night, I went to my first Flyers game… IN A SUITE!!!  One of my best friends here, Erin, won some type of contest online and got a free suite with her and other friends she could invite.  We played Colorado Avalanche and won 5-2!!!  It was soo awesome!!!  I LOVE Philly sports!!!!

So, since I REALLY need to start that 8-10 page paper like NOWish..I have to cut this post short.  Sorry for the lack of posting.  But I’m sure you can understand and see why!  Here are a few pics, though!!


n1091100037_30161476_7086Me, Mike, Ashley, Flounder, Andrew, Adrienne at the RiverRink at Penn’s Landing!  


n1091100037_30161473_6073Ashley and Me ice skating!! ❤


n8229334_37938698_1272My mobile upload from my phone when everyone stormed the court.  Temple beats #8 Tennessee 88-72!!  WOO! GO OWLS!! 


n54203960_31008304_3478Friends from home at the Linc! Rob, Me, Kim, Jayme @ the Eagles game!


n54203960_31008306_4034Jayme & Me with the field in the background!! ❤


n1091100037_30161536_746Ashley, Erin, Me (AEM!) at the Wachovia Center for the Flyers game!!  Love this pic.


n1091100037_30161531_8888Santa Claus decided to stop by!!  Group picture in our Flyers SUITE!! 


That’s all I’ve got for now!!  Happy Holidays!!!



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Ok so this is my first post on here. I’m kind of excited to start blogging again. I’ve missed it a lot. I figure I’ll write on here about things that go on in my head and what I do with my life, ha.  First off, I’m a sophomore at Temple University in Philly. I love it and am really enjoying this time in my life. Today was my first day back to work after the holidays. I work in admissions at Temple so when they reopen, so do we. I guess it’s good to make some decent money since I’m not really doing anything else at this time. By the way, did I mention I have a broken right foot? Well, I do. I broke my 5th metatarsal while doing the “soulja boy” dance. No one else I know has ever done this. Only I would do something like that, and everyone knows it 🙂 I’ve been getting by okay so far. I have a doctor’s appointment this week that will foretell my fate for the next few weeks (or even months for that matter). I’ll probably end up in another cast with crutches, or worst case scenario, have surgery. Let’s cross our fingers for the former, heh. So that’s pretty much me for the time being.

The holidays were definitely well spent for me. I had all my family come over my house for Christmas dinner. We decided to do an Italian dinner, well, I guess because we’re all Italian. Complete with the antipasto, Italian sausage, lasagna, ham, turkey, mash, potato salad, and even the cannolis. It was a great time. It’s so nice to see my family get together like that during the holidays. It isn’t very often we get together, the whole lot of us. Pretty much for funerals or holidays. I think we hit around 15 people for Christmas, which is actually pretty decent.

I decided to ring in the New Year at Temple this year. It was a lot of fun! Ashley, my bff and roommate, and I, decided to come back up here. Her friend from Delaware, Denise, came up as well. It was such a good time. We made a great dinner then headed to our friend’s boyfriend’s apartment, where we stayed until 2ish. Afterward, we came back home to our apartment, watched most of Anchorman, and passed out. Definitely a fun night. We all enjoyed ourselves.

Then last night, Ashley and I hit up Target, got a couple things, then headed to our first movie experience at the Ritz Bourse. We agreed to see Juno, a story of a young girl who becomes pregnant and has to figure out what she wants to do with her kid. We both really loved the movie! It was full of great, witty verbal dialogue, which we’re both huge fans of. It definitely made the movie. We decided it was good enough to eventually own as well 🙂

Well, that pretty much sums up everything as of now. More to come later..

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