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Can’t believe I’m graduating in that short amount of time.  I remember Freshman year like it was yesterday.  Time really does fly.  I feel bittersweet about graduation — I could definitely stay an extra year here at Temple but it’s time to move on because I’m getting my degree!  Plus, I just mailed in my enrollment deposit for Middlebury yesterday so I must move on! haha.  Random side note — apparently this year at Commencement Patti LaBelle will be getting an honorary degree so that will be cool to see her there!

So last week was Temple’s annual Spring Fling.  My last spring fling ever!!!  So sad.  It was great…but not amazing.  The weather was kind of crappy — it was cloudy/rainy/cold and all the tickets were sold out to the N.E.R.D/ GirlTalk concert so I was a little disappointed.  However, there WAS a pie-throwing stand in which my supervisor volunteered to be in, so I got to pie her!!  And of course I have pictures 🙂

Winding up...

...got her! 😉

Jayme, Adrienne, Ashley & Me on Spring Fling

In other news, the infamous Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, KS was supposed to come protest Temple’s productions of RENT and the Laramie Project.  However, they did not show…much to the disappointment of Temple students who had a huge peaceful counter-protest of about 1,100 students!  I can’t stand that group of ignorant, bigoted, undeserving people.  I’m glad they didn’t show because they would have been completely outnumbered.  Nevertheless though, I had a great time with a bunch of my friends and it was SO nice to see how many people came out to support LGBTQ rights and eqaulity 🙂

Jayme, my girlfriend Ashley, Me, Tekara, and Talisa @ the counter-protest

Me holding up my flag 🙂 Notice all the people and cops in the background!!!

Legalize Gay! Jos, Me, Dan, Jayme, Liz, & Chris @ the counter-protest

That’ s all for now!!  Everything is wrapping here at Temple….so bittersweet!  More to come soon 🙂

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