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Where oh where to begin??

I GOT ACCEPTED TO MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!  I actually found out about a month ago but things have been so crazy in my last semester here at Temple.  So I’ll be leaving for 6 weeks at the end of June to head up to Vermont on Middlebury’s campus.  It’s an intensive 6-week program in which I sign a pledge to only speak French for the entire duration of the program.  Then I head off to PARIS (again!) in September for a year in order to complete my M.A. in French.  I am VERY EXCITED!!  I worked my butt off in my 4 years here at Temple so this is definitely a well-deserved payoff.  More to come later…

In other news, I am graduating Temple in less than 2 months!  EEEEEK.  So scary and bittersweet.  I also just returned home from Jacksonville, FL with the band.  We were there for 3 days with the Temple Men’s Basketball team for the NCAA tournament.  We played Cornell in the 1st round and lost, embarrassingly.  It wasn’t very entertaining.. in fact, the most entertaining part of the trip was that we had 2 free days to explore Jacksonville, which was fun but I wouldn’t go back.  It was kind of a ghost town to be honest.  I’m glad I went somewhere that I had never been, but I don’t plan on returning.  Either way it was a paid trip by Temple so I can’t complain too much!  But all in all, it was definitely a fun trip for my last trip with Temple (so sad to say!).  Also, our women’s team just beat James Madison the other day and play UCONN this Tuesday night at 7:30pm.  Hopefully they beat #1 UCONN!  Let’s go Lady Owls!!!  Here are some pics from the Jacksonville trip:

Off to Jacksonville on our charter flight!

View of Jacksonville from the Skyway -- aka the worst public trans system ever.

The Jacksonville Landing. There are a lot of restaurants/bars in here and live music! We had dinner here both nights - pretty decent.

Main Street Bridge @ night -- one of the many bridges in Jacksonville over the St. John's River

Statue of Andy J for whom the city of Jacksonville was named after!

We went to the Cummer Gardens & Museum on one of our free days

My art creation that I drew at the Cummer Museum & Gardens..go owls!

Me, Rick, and Rachel at the Cummer gardens

Hooter and Cornell's Bear mascot

President Ann Weaver Hart aka the Weave! She also came to Jacksonville to come out and support the Owls in the NCAA tourney.

Picture from ESPN.com of Temple's band! I'm in the 2nd row, just left of center. Too bad the team lost 😦

Not too much else is going on.  I’m just trying to get by in my last semester.  It’s definitely proving to be much harder than I had anticipated!  3 research papers in my last semester, eek!  Guess I should have seen that coming being a Liberal Arts major and all, huh?  Anyway, one of my good friends Mike celebrated his 24th birthday last night so I went out for that with my girlfriend.  We went to McGillin’s for some good beer and karaoke!  For some reason when we all get together, we always say “Slappin’ da bass, man!” I have no idea why, but it started when we all hung out in DC for the EagleBank Bowl.  It was a good time, though!

Ash and I with the birthday boy!

Happy 24th Birthday, Mike!

Also, my girlfriend Ashley and I just got a kitten!  We named her Lily and she is adorable!  Our friend Gida rescued her from University City and we think she was neglected because she is really tiny.  Anyway, Ash took her to the vet and she is somewhere between 6 months-12 months old and only 4 lbs!  We got her a rabies shot and a collar and nametag so she’s all set!  She’s sooo cute and cuddly.  We are definitely spoiling her and making her feel at home.  It’s nice having a little pet in our house!  Here she is:


Lily's new favorite spot. She will sit on our bedroom ledge in the sunlight and look out at all the passersby.

That’s all for now…hopefully I’ll update more frequently!  Peace!

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