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From here on out, I should be writing a few times a week.  FINALLY!  Things have been crazy lately, let me tell you.  First off, I couldn’t be happier that classes have been over for a couple weeks now.  Sophomore year was by far the most difficult year for me, and that wasn’t even because I broke my foot in the middle of it! Haha.  It was just a lot of hard work and time and balancing so many things at once.  But at least I can officially say, “Hi, my name is Monica Kramer and I am a junior here.”  Halfway done already…wow, time flies.

So my birthday was May 23rd and I had such a great time!  First of all, my 2 friends threw me a surprise party a few weeks before my actual birthday at a hookah bar called Byblos in Center City.  I was SO surprised!!  They really fooled me, which is a pretty hard thing to do!  It meant so much to me that my friends were there.  We all had a really good time, and afterward, we all got ice cream at Scoop DeVille which was very delicious.  I think I got Monique’s Malt Madness, or something along those lines, haha.  But the point is — it was great!  On the way back to the subway, we decided to take a visit and takes some pics at Love Park.  It was just the perfect night — everything was so well planned and the weather was fantastic.

And on my actual birthday, I went down the beach with Ashley and her family.  This year my birthday happened to fall on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, which was pretty nice.  Of course I took off that day and headed down the beach early.  Ashley and her family stay right outside of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.  It’s such a nice area down there.  Last year was my first time there and I just fell in love with the place.  On Friday night, we went out to Grotto’s, my favorite pizza place there!  The food is always good and there’s a game room where we played air hockey and one of those cruisin’ car games.  After we were done eating, all the staff came out with a cake and clapped and sang Happy Birthday to me.  It was pretty cute and very nice of Ashley’s family.  Memorial Day weekend was so much fun going to the beach.  We went to the beach that Sunday and it was definitely hot enough to lay out on the sand, but not hot enough to go on the water.  You know who decided to go in the water anyway?  ME!  Ashley’s little cousins, Lauren and Jonathan, were playing around by the edge of the water and I had them count me down from 5 until my whole body was submerged in the freezing water.  It was sooo cold at first, but I warmed up in about 10 mins and stayed in for almost an hour.  There were only a few other people in the water!!  Later I found out everyone thought we were crazy, haha.  I got Lauren and Jonathan to tell Ashley to come in with me.  For the first few times, Ashley said no, but then lo and behold, she came running in, full speed and all.  So Ashley and I were the 2 crazies in the ocean that day if you were there, haha.

After that it was back to reality.  I’ve been working at the Welcome Center Monday through Friday 9-5.  It’s a slow time for us here, but once all the high schools are done, we’ll all be giving 2-3 tours a day.  It really is such a fun job though.  Everyone is really cool and I’ve met so many of my friends here.  Love it.

Oh!  Huge news!  Saw Cirque du Soleil 2 days before my actual birthday in Philly!  IT WAS AMAZING!!  They did things I never thought the human body was capable of doing.  The show was called Kooza and I was so impressed with everything they did.  It was my first time seeing Cirque!  I’m definitely a huge fan, and the best part about it was that we got student price tickets.  Hells yeah!

This weekend is looking like it’s going to be fun.  Steve is coming up from Jersey and staying the weekend with Ashley and I.  Plus, Greg’s graduation party is on Sunday and a lot of people are going to that.  It’s up in Allentown and should be a good time.  I hope the weather holds out!!  We’re roadtrippin’ up.  Erin is driving me, Ashley, Steve, and Kelly.  I can’t wait!!  Then next week my brother, Travis, graduates from high school.  Upper Darby HS graduates at Villanova because we’re such a large school, haha.  UDarb just doesn’t have the room on the football field anymore.  So I’ll be taking lots of pictures there for my mom, etc. Then the following weekend, my oldest cousin Alicia is getting married and I’m going to the reception afterward at the Brandywine River Museum.  Already have a dress and everything so I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll write soon about studying abroad next Spring!!  Check out the mixture of pics though 🙂

Steve, Greg, Me, and Ashley at my Instrumental Concert in MaySteve, Greg, Me, and Ashley at my instrumental concert in May


Group of us at my surprise bday party at Byblos!

This is me when I first walked in.. you can tell how surprised I was!


Some of us at the table in Byblos 🙂


Group shot in Love Park!


Girls’ Night sleepover with friends from home 🙂


My cousin Alicia’s bridal shower at the Moshulu in Penn’s Landing




Greg and I on Commencement in the Welcome Center 🙂   








Some Owls in the Welcome Center

Yay grads!








Me, Greg, Steve, and Caitlin on Experience Temple Day in our fashionable red work polos 🙂






Spring Owl Party!

Me, Greg, Amanda, Rahul, Kelly, Vinnie







Kelly, Amanda, Tekara, Erin, Adrianne, and Me








Owl Ambassadors 2008








Funny pose 🙂

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