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WOOOOOOOOO MICHAEL PHELPS!!!!!!   Last night was amazing.  11 Olympic Gold medals for the guy.  Plus, he even got a special commercial with Morgan Freeman narrating right after he won the 11 gold medals!! Absolutely incredible.  I definitely watched the olympics from 8p to 1230a.  Haha, wow.  Listen, they only happen once every 4 years so it was important!  I also watched Men’s Beach Volleyball and Women’s Gymastics.  It’s too bad the USA girls couldn’t get the gold.  They totally had a chance to step it up but buckled under the pressure.  But I’m still proud of ’em anyway.  Silver is still GREAT.  Those Chinese girls 1) are SOOO not 16 years of age, and 2) are completely unnatural.  Synchronized Diving and Gymnastics are definitely their thing.  They are just too good.  Someone should really do an investigation of their “official” passports..because there is just no way they are of age.  They look like they are 12!!

Anyway, I’ll probably end up watching the olympics again tonight.  They’re addicting.


Here is a picture of a huge rainbow that was over my apartment complex on Sunday evening.  We had some crazy weather that day in Philly.  

 somewhere over the rainbow…

Happy Hump Day!  (Wednesday or the middle of the week for anyone that isn’t familiar)


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