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Sorry..you can never resist that cliché.  It seems that WHENEVER I tell anyone I’m at band camp.. it is always brought up, so I figured I’d bring it up first this time, haha. Sunday evening was our first rehearsal and then we’ve had full days (9am-930pm) Mon, Tues, and today.  Today was our last full day and tomorrow we only have morning block til noon and then the parent preview at 2pm, when friends and family come to the turf field to see what we’ve done the past few days, etc.  

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Diamond Band usually does 3 shows throughout the football season.  We rehearse MWF from 4-6pm and have rehearsals and games on Saturday.  It’s a lot of fun and the rehearsal schedule isn’t bad at all.  The first show we’re doing this season is a Guitar Hero show, featuring Slither by Velvet Revolver, Crazy Train by Ozzy, and Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas.  Talk about a good line-up, right?  The music is great!!  We got the entire show put on the field, marching and playing, by the end of tonight.  The drill is pretty cool, too, but it just needs to be cleaned.  Our first home football game is Saturday, September 6th vs. UCONN!  We will hopefully and finally get some justice, since we all know Temple won last year’s game at UCONN.  

Anyway, it’s been a long few days, so this is going to be a short post.  I’m exhausted!!  But of course I have some pics to post!!


Me and my trumpet at the turf field


Some people playing frisbee and relaxing before the night block started (630-930pm)


Erin with her baked potato at lunch in the new J&H Dining Hall!!!  It is beautiful inside!!

My trumpet music for Slither..those eighth notes are great to play!


Copy of a drill chart for one of the moves during Slither..it’s supposed to look like the actual Guitar Hero game where you can see the buttons moving toward you in the center..

View of the skyline from the field.. so pretty at dusk 🙂


That’s all I’ve got for now.. I’m beat!!  Gnight 🙂

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