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I cannot express how excited I am for Thanksgiving to come!  I’ve been pretty busy lately — I have 2 research papers left to do, a French paper, a paper for Death and Dying, and a final political science paper.  Needless to say, I’m buried in work and cannot wait for Thanksgiving Break.  Only one more day left to go!  I’m looking forward to going out on Wednesday night with my high school friends.  Every year, my high school (Upper Darby HS) has a football game against Haverford HS on Thanksgiving morning.  It’s also known for being the alumni game of the year…where I get to see all my friends from high school and former teachers.  Afterward, I always have dinner with my family.  Then there’s BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!  That’s right — my mom and I are some of those crazies who go out at 4am to shop.  It’s a tradition and I love doing it every year!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because there’s always good food, good family and friends, and good football!  It’s not overly commercialized or mass-marketed.  There’s no stress involved.  My biggest pet peeve?  When my holiday gets overshadowed by people who decorate for Christmas and play Christmas music before Thanksgiving even takes place!  It’s not fair 😦  But alas, I’m still looking forward to the best holiday of the year.

In other news, Temple Football just won their 9th consecutive win this past Saturday against Kent State, making Temple’s overall record 9-2!!! HOLY COW!  I cannot explain how exciting of a time this is for Temple students!  I personally am very excited because it’s been so long since Temple Football has been bowl-eligible and since we’ve had such a good record.  As of now, if Temple beats Ohio University this Friday night, then they’re going to the MAC Championship on December 4th in Detroit!  This also means that the band will travel with the team — so I’m super excited!  But mostly, I’m holding out hope that Temple gets invited to the International Bowl in Toronto in January!  I would love that —  I’ve never been to Canada!  Either way, I’ll be sure to post more updates as soon as I find out!  Keep your fingers crossed for Temple Football 🙂

Also, I posted a video in one of my previous posts of Temple’s Diamond Marching Band playing Sum 41’s Fat Lip, with rapping and dancing!  We just found out the other day that Sum 41 posted our video on their official website!!  How cool is that!?!  Check out their website: http://www.islandrecords.com/site/artist_home.php?artist_id=259.  The video is right on their homepage!!!!  Props to us!!  If you don’t feel like it, I’m copying the video below this paragraph so you can see it!  The video is from the Temple vs. Navy game in Annapolis, MD.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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This week is Temple’s annual Homecoming Week.  It should be a lot of fun!  Each year, different offices all over campus decorate desks, lobbies, and walls with Temple stuff for a decoration contest.  Last year, the Welcome Center (where I work) was a winner!!  I always look forward to helping out because I love Temple and have tons of school spirit.  Apparently the Homecoming concert this year features Lupe Fiasco and Asher Roth.  I’m personally not going, but it sounds like it should be fun.  I’m mostly excited for the Homecoming game on Saturday vs. Army!  Temple Football is now 3-0 in the MAC!!  GO OWLS!!!  I have a video from this past weekend when the Diamond Marching Band played Sum 41’s Fat Lip at a nearby high school’s band show.  We were just there as exhibition, but it was still cool to have lots of high schools see  Temple’s band. 

Otherwise, not much else to report.  Just super busy with classes and papers and homework and trying to have a social life, haha.  I’m looking forward to Halloween though!  I love dressing up as something crazy and going out with friends.  I’ll keep you posted as to what my costume will be this year 🙂  more to come!



Temple’s Diamond Marching Band plays “Fat Lip” by Sum 41 at Pennsbury HS

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