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So today was the 2nd day of classes for Fall Semester 2008.  And it was a crazy one!!  Every year during the first week of classes (aka Welcome Week) they have one particular event at the Bell Tower, called Taste of Philly, which is always very popular!!  Basically, you get a free taste of Philly.  For instance, your Philly soft pretzel, tastykake, cheesesteak, hoagie, water ice, etc.  This year, they pretty much had it all: all the aforementioned, PLUS cookies, chicken wings, spring rolls, jamaican pierogies (?), ice cream, tons of tastykakes, and finally, free bottled water.  It was GREAT!!  Who doesn’t love free food during lunchtime?!?  

Besides that, I’m just starting to get back in the swing of things with classes, work, band, football games, and trying to relax and enjoy the college life 🙂  So far, so good.. but then again, I am SURE it will get much busier once the semester is in full force.  But I love being busy so it’s all good!  

Wellp, I’ve actually got reading and some homework to get done for tomorrow.  So I’m gonna post some pics and go on my way.  

PS – I AM LIVING IN THE 12TH ARRONDISSEMENT IN PARIS, SPRING 2009!!!  I just found out the student apartment location that I’m living in when I study abroad in just a few months!!  For those of you that don’t know, Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements, or districts, that divide up the city.  I am PRETTY excited!  

PPS – Saw Pineapple Express over Labor Day weekend.. and it was HI-LARIOUS!  Anyone that hasn’t seen it yet, MUST.  I am a HUGE Seth Rogen fan, btw. 

Alrighty, here are the pics from today!  Campus was PACKED! … exactly how i like it 🙂


All I did was hold my camera above my head and take a picture of this craziness!


Another view of Taste of Philly at the Bell Tower on Temple’s Main Campus 🙂


The grassy area across from the Bell Tower.  All the red and white tents had free food under them… so it was pretty packed!


Ashley, Bryan, Mike, and Me outside of Paley Library grabbing some awesome free food 🙂


More to come soon!!


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