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Where oh where to begin??

I GOT ACCEPTED TO MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!  I actually found out about a month ago but things have been so crazy in my last semester here at Temple.  So I’ll be leaving for 6 weeks at the end of June to head up to Vermont on Middlebury’s campus.  It’s an intensive 6-week program in which I sign a pledge to only speak French for the entire duration of the program.  Then I head off to PARIS (again!) in September for a year in order to complete my M.A. in French.  I am VERY EXCITED!!  I worked my butt off in my 4 years here at Temple so this is definitely a well-deserved payoff.  More to come later…

In other news, I am graduating Temple in less than 2 months!  EEEEEK.  So scary and bittersweet.  I also just returned home from Jacksonville, FL with the band.  We were there for 3 days with the Temple Men’s Basketball team for the NCAA tournament.  We played Cornell in the 1st round and lost, embarrassingly.  It wasn’t very entertaining.. in fact, the most entertaining part of the trip was that we had 2 free days to explore Jacksonville, which was fun but I wouldn’t go back.  It was kind of a ghost town to be honest.  I’m glad I went somewhere that I had never been, but I don’t plan on returning.  Either way it was a paid trip by Temple so I can’t complain too much!  But all in all, it was definitely a fun trip for my last trip with Temple (so sad to say!).  Also, our women’s team just beat James Madison the other day and play UCONN this Tuesday night at 7:30pm.  Hopefully they beat #1 UCONN!  Let’s go Lady Owls!!!  Here are some pics from the Jacksonville trip:

Off to Jacksonville on our charter flight!

View of Jacksonville from the Skyway -- aka the worst public trans system ever.

The Jacksonville Landing. There are a lot of restaurants/bars in here and live music! We had dinner here both nights - pretty decent.

Main Street Bridge @ night -- one of the many bridges in Jacksonville over the St. John's River

Statue of Andy J for whom the city of Jacksonville was named after!

We went to the Cummer Gardens & Museum on one of our free days

My art creation that I drew at the Cummer Museum & Gardens..go owls!

Me, Rick, and Rachel at the Cummer gardens

Hooter and Cornell's Bear mascot

President Ann Weaver Hart aka the Weave! She also came to Jacksonville to come out and support the Owls in the NCAA tourney.

Picture from ESPN.com of Temple's band! I'm in the 2nd row, just left of center. Too bad the team lost 😦

Not too much else is going on.  I’m just trying to get by in my last semester.  It’s definitely proving to be much harder than I had anticipated!  3 research papers in my last semester, eek!  Guess I should have seen that coming being a Liberal Arts major and all, huh?  Anyway, one of my good friends Mike celebrated his 24th birthday last night so I went out for that with my girlfriend.  We went to McGillin’s for some good beer and karaoke!  For some reason when we all get together, we always say “Slappin’ da bass, man!” I have no idea why, but it started when we all hung out in DC for the EagleBank Bowl.  It was a good time, though!

Ash and I with the birthday boy!

Happy 24th Birthday, Mike!

Also, my girlfriend Ashley and I just got a kitten!  We named her Lily and she is adorable!  Our friend Gida rescued her from University City and we think she was neglected because she is really tiny.  Anyway, Ash took her to the vet and she is somewhere between 6 months-12 months old and only 4 lbs!  We got her a rabies shot and a collar and nametag so she’s all set!  She’s sooo cute and cuddly.  We are definitely spoiling her and making her feel at home.  It’s nice having a little pet in our house!  Here she is:


Lily's new favorite spot. She will sit on our bedroom ledge in the sunlight and look out at all the passersby.

That’s all for now…hopefully I’ll update more frequently!  Peace!

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I’ve officially been in Paris for a week now!  AND I’M LOVING IT!

Let’s see, let’s see..time flies here it seems.  I’ve done a lot already and it’s only been a week.

First things first: I finally got my class schedule all set.  I technically have 4 classes.  I have my grammar class Mon-Fri from 2-4pm, which I’m loving so far.  There are about 16 of us in the class and the professor, Mme Dumery, is REALLY nice and a REALLY good prof.  Sometimes I can’t believe that I can understand what she’s saying.  I mean, all my classes at Temple are taught in French, but this is a French class IN France and taught by an actual French professor.  The students in my class come from all over the world.  At the end of my first class a few days ago, I actually asked the girl next to me a question in English about one of our homework assignments just to make sure I got the directions right in English.  After she stared at me for a few seconds and didn’t respond, I asked her in French if she spoke English and she didn’t.  And you know what?  It turns out that a lot of people in my class do not know English.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!  The language we share in common is FRENCH and I love every part of that.  I speak French every possible chance I get.  This grammar class is really going to help my speech and my writing.  I can just feel it.

Next week, my phonetics class starts.  It’s Mon-Fri every OTHER week from 430-540pm.  And then I’m taking 2 “conférences” which are my electives.  I chose to take “Littérature française du 20ème siècle” every Tuesday morning from 10-12 and “La politique en France” every Friday  morning from 10-12.  I am VERY excited for these classes to start.  I’m so happy to finally have my class schedule set 🙂  I can’t tell you how much I love taking the métro and RER to class every day.  I can’t believe what I see every day.  The line I take crosses over the Seine every day and it’s gorgeous.  When I finally exit the métro and RER above ground, I walk towards my school, which is practically NEXT to the Panthéon, where famous people like Voltaire, Rousseau, Victor Hugo, and Émile Zola are all buried.  I literally pass that every day.  Not to mention the Panthéon overlooks the city of Paris and it’s so elevated that I get to see the beautiful Eiffel Tower as well.  I LOVE where my school is located.  I couldn’t ask for anything better.  Oh yeah, Notre Dame is right nearby as well 🙂




devant Notre Dame 🙂

A few days ago when I was walking to class, there were all these cop cars and I’m guessing the French  S.W.A.T team, haha.  There were people EVERYWHERE and loud chanting.  Next thing I know I see an entire BLOCK of students with signs chanting and protesting up and down the side streets.  I asked these 2 guys what was going on and they told me in French that they were rallying/protesting because they were unhappy about student laws.  Anyway, it was quite a sight:

les manifestations

les manifestations

tous les policiers sont prêts

tous les policiers sont prêts

beaucoup d'étudiants

beaucoup d'étudiants

In other news, all my roommates (Beth, Krystal, Kassie), Matt and Alexa (who are also in GSE) and I went out to dinner last night at this place called Watt.  It was delicious and such a cute place.  It’s located in the “quartier Latin” in Paris, right where the main Sorbonne campus is.  So far, it’s my favorite district in Paris.  Last Sunday night, Matt, Krystal, and I went to the Bastille district and saw Les Noces Rebelles (Revolutionary Road).  It was in English with French subtitles.  I have to say… it was really good.  It really makes you think and question your life.  It was funny though since they kept mentioning Paris, haha.  But I actually took a picture inside the theater before the movie came on because it was SO SMALL.  We actually tried twice before to see the movie but each time it was sold out.  The reason being because there are only like 30 seats!

c'est très petit!

Last weekend Matt and I took the métro to Montmarte, climbed a MILLION stairs just to get out of the métro, and then climbed even MORE stairs to get to Sacré Coeur.  After that, we just wandered the streets of Montmartre (one of my favorite districts) and got some hot chocolate since it was snowing.  It was nice to walk around though, because once Spring comes, sooo many people come out and it gets so crowded.  So it was nice not having many people around.

View of Paris from Sacré Coeur. It was snowing!

View of Paris from Sacré Coeur. It was snowing!


posing in front of Sacré Coeur 🙂

Streets of Montmartre

Streets of Montmartre

This weekend I’m going to Bordeaux (Southwest France) with GSE.  GSE (Global Student Experience) is the study abroad company that organized my trip, in case I haven’t mentioned that detail.  Anyway, Bordeaux is known for its wine industry so I can’t wait to see (and better yet, taste) all the wine there.  It’s about a 3 hour train ride from Paris.

I’ll update after this weekend is over!!  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

Bisous ❤

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WOOO!!!  The Eagles won on Sunday and beat the NY Giants!!!  Here we come NFC Championship!!! I am so excited for next Sunday’s game against the Cardinals!!!

This weekend was a lot of fun.  Friday night after work I hung out with one of my best friends from high school, Kari.  She is 1 year younger than me and goes to Penn State Main and plays in the Blue Band there.  She just recently returned from Omaha, Nebraska since she played at the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship (which they won) and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California (which they lost).  So we decided to see a movie and then catch up afterward.  We saw Bride Wars at a Regal nearby my house and then went to Starbucks afterward for some coffee.  The movie and the coffee were good 🙂  It’s always nice catching up with friends every now and then because everyone is always so busy!!  The next morning, I got up early with my mom and mom-mom to see Gran Torino at the AMC by my house (the one that I worked at for over 2 years).  AMC offers all their movies for $5 every Saturday morning at 10am so it’s definitely a good deal.  Let me just say….Gran Torino was hands down one of THE best movies I have ever seen.  Clint Eastwood was outstanding of course.  I was laughing every other line but some parts were sad.  But overall, I really enjoyed it and want to see it again in theaters because it was that good.  After that, I went home and got ready to go to my friend from high school Liz’s daughter’s 4th birthday party.  Wow, tongue twister much?!  Her name is Leah and she is just adorable.  We watched her open presents, sang Happy Birthday to her, and watched her blow out all her candles on her Kung Fu Panda birthday cake.  It was all too cute.  Saturday night I just hung out at home and finished reading The Last Lecture, which was really good.  I definitely recommend reading it.  Then on Sunday, I had some friends over and we all watched the game with my mom.  Then after we won, we played Cranium and Balderdash and ordered some Chinese food.  Good times all around!!  Love me some Chinese 🙂

Other than that, not much else is going on.  My roommate and best friend, Ashley, is currently in Barcelona, Spain studying abroad.  She just got there on the 10th and I’m already missing her a lot.  She is all settled into her new apt. and is having a great time.  Check out her blog if you’re interested!!  She’s posting some really great pics.  Her blog is on my blogroll, too!

More updates later!!


Kari and Me at her house hanging out


Leah blowing out her birthday candles!!

templet125th Anniversary of Temple!  I was driving home and saw the Temple ‘T’ on the Cira Center at 30th St. Station!

Leah and Me in our Eagles gear!!!!

Ben, Dan, and Chris in the back.  Liz, Me, Leah, Jayme, and Jim in the front!  GO BIRDS!

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MY LIFE HAS BEEN CRAZY!!  This is definitely finals week for sure.

 I only have 2 finals, one on Thursday and one on Friday, but let me just tell you what else I have to do… Yesterday, I had my final French paper due in my 4000 level class, which was 5 pages long!  I think that was the longest French paper I’ve ever written.  Today, by midnight, I have my final 8-10 page Political Philosophy paper due.  Did I mention I haven’t started that one yet?? Ha.  And on top of that, that professor also assigned 2 reaction papers due by Saturday at noon!  Ridiculous!!  Who do they think I am?! Then I have to study for my American Supreme Court final tomorrow then study for my Spanish final on Friday.  So OFFICIALLY…I am done Fall 2008 semester this Saturday at noon, haha.  Life = crazy right now.

On top of that, I’m trying to find someone to take over my lease so I can move out asap since I’m leaving February 4th for Paris!!!!  A few people have seen the room already, but I’m awaiting a final decision.  And on top of that, I still haven’t bought my Christmas presents for people which I have to do on Friday.  I don’t think I can get any busier.  Really.  But it’s ok.. I like being busy rather then bored.  

In other news, a bunch of my friends and I just went ice skating at the RiverRink in Penn’s Landing.  I had been there once before, but it was so nice going again when I’m much older!!  And also, Temple Men’s Basketball had the best upset ever!!  I think it was the best game I have been to at the Liacouras Center thus far.  Temple played #8 in the nation, Tennessee, and we PWNED!  And although I couldn’t storm the court afterward since I’m in basketball band, I did manage to take a picture on my phone so I’ll upload that on here.  And most importantly, I WENT TO MY FIRST EAGLES GAME AND FIRST FLYERS GAME!!!  My first Eagles game was on Monday for Monday Night Football!!! WOO!  And we won against the Cleveland Browns 30-10!!  It was amazing.  And just last night, I went to my first Flyers game… IN A SUITE!!!  One of my best friends here, Erin, won some type of contest online and got a free suite with her and other friends she could invite.  We played Colorado Avalanche and won 5-2!!!  It was soo awesome!!!  I LOVE Philly sports!!!!

So, since I REALLY need to start that 8-10 page paper like NOWish..I have to cut this post short.  Sorry for the lack of posting.  But I’m sure you can understand and see why!  Here are a few pics, though!!


n1091100037_30161476_7086Me, Mike, Ashley, Flounder, Andrew, Adrienne at the RiverRink at Penn’s Landing!  


n1091100037_30161473_6073Ashley and Me ice skating!! ❤


n8229334_37938698_1272My mobile upload from my phone when everyone stormed the court.  Temple beats #8 Tennessee 88-72!!  WOO! GO OWLS!! 


n54203960_31008304_3478Friends from home at the Linc! Rob, Me, Kim, Jayme @ the Eagles game!


n54203960_31008306_4034Jayme & Me with the field in the background!! ❤


n1091100037_30161536_746Ashley, Erin, Me (AEM!) at the Wachovia Center for the Flyers game!!  Love this pic.


n1091100037_30161531_8888Santa Claus decided to stop by!!  Group picture in our Flyers SUITE!! 


That’s all I’ve got for now!!  Happy Holidays!!!



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This was this past weekend’s halftime show at the Temple vs. Eastern Michigan game, which we actually WON!!  Woo!!  We did a Michael Jackson themed show.  We played Dancing Machine, I Want You Back, Smooth Criminal, and ended with Thriller!!  CHECK OUT THE THRILLER DANCE!!!!  Yeah Diamond Band!!

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October = breast cancer awareness month and lots of craziness.  Lots to do, lots to do.  I have a Spanish test Friday, a political philosophy paper due Friday, Spanish composition and French paper due Monday, and another French paper due next Wednesday.  Needless to say, I’ve got a LOT of work.  

In other areas, the Presidential/VP debates have been pretty interesting.  I try to keep myself up to date here and there.  If I have time to watch tv, it’s usually that or Grey’s Anatomy, haha.  Temple’s Breast Cancer Awareness game is on Tuesday, October 21st and it’s at night.  8pm.  Kinda weird, but it’s going to be live on ESPN, which I am VERY excited about!  

So this past weekend I went to University of Delaware to visit Denise, who is one of Ashley’s best friends from high school.  It was a lot of fun.  We also went to Six Flags Great Adventures in Jackson, NJ, and went on so many different rides.  For example, Nitro (2x), Medusa, Batman (2x), Skull Mountain, Great American Scream Machine, and The Dark Knight coaster.  My favorite one was DEFINITELY Kingda Ka.  We only waited an hour and a half, and sat in the FRONT row!!  In 3 second, you go from 0 to 128mph.  It was AWESOME!  By far, one of the most thrilling things I’ve done.  You feel your cheeks and skin being pulled back.  It’s the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the world!!  And it lasts only about 20 seconds. Best 20 seconds ever though.  

Sunday was my Mom’s birthday, so I went home for that along with Ashley.  We also picked up one of my best friends from high school, Jayme, to join us.  I ordered everyone a cheesesteak from Jim’s and bought a Carvel ice cream cake.  Everything was delicious and turned out really well!!  A good amount of family showed up.  Plus, my Aunt Sheila and Uncle Peter were still staying with us from Greece so I got to hang out with them.  Afterward, a few of us saw Burn After Reading, the new Coen brothers film. Definitely very good.  It was very funny and interesting.  I liked it a lot.  

That’s about it for now – I need to go get started on my massive amount of homework. 



A picture of Kingda Ka that I found online. YES, it’s THAT tall.


Ashley, Denise, and Me in the FRONT row on Kingda Ka.  This is the one picture we all actually bought.  Can you take my face seriously??  It doesn’t look like me.  I’m pretty sure it looks like I’m about to die, haha.  That’s what 128mph does to me apparently! 


Denise, Ashley, and Me on Nitro


Denise, Ashley, and Me on The Great American Scream Machine


Mom’s Carvel ice cream cake! 


Me & Mom 🙂


Aunt Sheila and Uncle Peter (who speaks not one word of English..)


My cousin Brooke and her boyfriend Mike


Mom-Mom, Aunt Renée, Me, Mom.  Love them! 


Ashley, Me, Jayme celebrating my Mom’s bday! 


Aunt Sheila, Travis, Uncle Peter, Mom, Me in the living room 🙂 And no, my brother didn’t wet his pants.  He just did the dishes, haha.


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So the results from Homecoming:  we lost the football game against Western Michigan, BUT..  Steve won Homecoming King and the Welcome Center won Best Display of Temple Pride for the decorations!!  So even though we lost the game, we still won elsewhere!! Woo hoo!!! 🙂  And on Sunday, we had a band competition in Allentown.  Every year, Allentown hosts the Collegiate Band Festival and Temple goes every other year.  Despite the rainy weather, the show was still great!  It was a good time.

Nothing else is really new.  Still getting killed with homework and papers.  My Aunt Sheila is arriving in Philly tonight and she is staying with my mom for the next week at home. She lives in Kythera, Greece with her husband and they’re visiting over here for a while.  I’m so excited to see her again!!  And I’m even more excited that I’m visiting her at her home in Greece once I’m done my program in Paris!!  Woot!  Other than that, not much else is going on… so I shall write more when I’ve got more!  



Homecoming Pageant in Mitten Hall 


The Homecoming King at the Linc right after halftime! 


Our certificate for winning Best Display of Temple Pride! 


That’s me in the front row all the way to the left at the Allentown show.  Taken from the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

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