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Sorry..you can never resist that cliché.  It seems that WHENEVER I tell anyone I’m at band camp.. it is always brought up, so I figured I’d bring it up first this time, haha. Sunday evening was our first rehearsal and then we’ve had full days (9am-930pm) Mon, Tues, and today.  Today was our last full day and tomorrow we only have morning block til noon and then the parent preview at 2pm, when friends and family come to the turf field to see what we’ve done the past few days, etc.  

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Diamond Band usually does 3 shows throughout the football season.  We rehearse MWF from 4-6pm and have rehearsals and games on Saturday.  It’s a lot of fun and the rehearsal schedule isn’t bad at all.  The first show we’re doing this season is a Guitar Hero show, featuring Slither by Velvet Revolver, Crazy Train by Ozzy, and Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas.  Talk about a good line-up, right?  The music is great!!  We got the entire show put on the field, marching and playing, by the end of tonight.  The drill is pretty cool, too, but it just needs to be cleaned.  Our first home football game is Saturday, September 6th vs. UCONN!  We will hopefully and finally get some justice, since we all know Temple won last year’s game at UCONN.  

Anyway, it’s been a long few days, so this is going to be a short post.  I’m exhausted!!  But of course I have some pics to post!!


Me and my trumpet at the turf field


Some people playing frisbee and relaxing before the night block started (630-930pm)


Erin with her baked potato at lunch in the new J&H Dining Hall!!!  It is beautiful inside!!

My trumpet music for Slither..those eighth notes are great to play!


Copy of a drill chart for one of the moves during Slither..it’s supposed to look like the actual Guitar Hero game where you can see the buttons moving toward you in the center..

View of the skyline from the field.. so pretty at dusk 🙂


That’s all I’ve got for now.. I’m beat!!  Gnight 🙂

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WOOOOOOOOO MICHAEL PHELPS!!!!!!   Last night was amazing.  11 Olympic Gold medals for the guy.  Plus, he even got a special commercial with Morgan Freeman narrating right after he won the 11 gold medals!! Absolutely incredible.  I definitely watched the olympics from 8p to 1230a.  Haha, wow.  Listen, they only happen once every 4 years so it was important!  I also watched Men’s Beach Volleyball and Women’s Gymastics.  It’s too bad the USA girls couldn’t get the gold.  They totally had a chance to step it up but buckled under the pressure.  But I’m still proud of ’em anyway.  Silver is still GREAT.  Those Chinese girls 1) are SOOO not 16 years of age, and 2) are completely unnatural.  Synchronized Diving and Gymnastics are definitely their thing.  They are just too good.  Someone should really do an investigation of their “official” passports..because there is just no way they are of age.  They look like they are 12!!

Anyway, I’ll probably end up watching the olympics again tonight.  They’re addicting.


Here is a picture of a huge rainbow that was over my apartment complex on Sunday evening.  We had some crazy weather that day in Philly.  

 somewhere over the rainbow…

Happy Hump Day!  (Wednesday or the middle of the week for anyone that isn’t familiar)


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What a summer it has been so far! Like wow! I feel like although I work 9-5 Monday through Friday, I am still having an awesome summer!! Went to Rehoboth to celebrate July 4th, visited my friend Erika on Long Island for a weekend, planned and had my family reunion, FFF (Forced Family Fun), at our shore house in Tuckerton, NJ, one of our best friends, Erin, turned 21 and we took her out to this AMAZING hookah bar downtown called Fez, that had the most delicious Moroccan food ever….and this past weekend, Ash and I both went up to Allentown, PA to see the DCI Eastern Classic. Our friend Greg who just graduated is from there so we just crashed at his place for the weekend. The entire month of July was soo much fun!! And then to top off an already amazing weekend in Allentown, Ash’s family bought a used jet ski and surprised her… so we drove from Allentown all the way to Rehoboth and jet skied til 7pm!! It was my first time on a jet ski and let me just say.. it is truly an experience. Wish I had pics of that. Oh well, haha. Maybe next time we go down we’ll take pics of it!

Besides working and enjoying myself, I’m still trying to keep up with all my paperwork for study abroad in January. I have to get a passport photo taken and renew my old passport. That stupid little thing costs 100 bucks!! Can you believe that?! I also need to visit the fin aid office and let them know I won’t be here for Spring semester, apply for a student visa, and buy a plane ticket to Paris! So much to do.. I know I’m starting things early and keeping on top of my stuff, it just seems like I have so much ahead of me. But nonetheless, I’m getting very excited to be out of the country for a few months!!

So classes start on September 2nd this year. I’m not gonna lie.. I’m looking forward to it. Ok so I look forward to them starting every year, haha. I just like being in an academic setting and learning new things and meeting people. Gives my brain a work out.. for once 😉 Band camp is also coming up.. August 24th-28th. Woo! haha. It really isn’t bad, it’s just long and it’s hot.  I went to band camp in high school, both home AND away band camp, all 4 years, and it was a lot harder than band camp at Temple, so it won’t be bad at all.  It will actually be fun to see everyone and meet all the new freshman!  Anyway.. more to come on that later..I’m tired. Gonna go relax now. But here are some pics of course 🙂

Alicia and Scott at their wedding on 6.21.2008

Me and Mom-Mom at the wedding

Travis and Me at the wedding

Me, Katie, Ash on 4th of July on the drive-on beach in Cape Henlopen, DE

Erika, Ash, Me, Laura on the ferry over to Fire Island

Me and my adorable little cousin Charlie 🙂

Ash, Erin, Me (AEM) celebrating Erin’s 21st Birthday at Fez!!

Carolina Crown at the Eastern Classic in Allentown, PA

The Cavaliers at the Classic..who won the first night!! 🙂


That’s all I’ve got for now… ciao!

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